Andrew Lamb (Daffyflyer)
Artist, Co-Designer, Social Media

After far too long of studying 3d art and working as an IT Drone, Andrew is now the full time lead artist on Automation.

He’s responsible for most visual aspects of Automation, and has been dreaming about making it since he was 10. He persuaded Caswal to join in this all consuming adventure, and Automation was born.

He owns an MX5 with an evil engine (1.8L, with Cams, porting, exhaust, extractors, forged internals, ECU - 130kw approx @ 7600rpm), its a quick car around a track, but tends to require good weather, prayer and the occasional human sacrifice to convince it to start.

His boundless knowledge of car technology is matched only by his utter lack of practical skills at engine building (don’t ask!)

He is of the strong belief that coffee can indeed replace sleep, and considers Automation an experiment to confirm this theory.

He is keen on games, motorsport and trackdays, and 3D art.

We’ve been hard at work on the Car Designer, and thanks to the excellent and never ending physics work of vehicle dynamics expert Martin “Der Bayer” Herrmann, we’ve got some very in depth stat calcualtion for cars as well as a cool test track simulator, as a bit of a bonus feature.

Below is a big pile of dev update videos by Killrob, outlining all the stuff we’ve been working on

In this video Rob shows off the soundtrack and talks about how it was made.

It’s now available for purchase off iTunes and Bandcamp if you’d like to support our awesome composer, and will be released for Forced Induction pre-orders to download at the same time the next game update (Around mid January)

Buy on iTunes
Buy on Bandcamp

Note that future special edition preorders are now the “Supercharged Edition” and don’t include the Soundtrack, as we’re letting the composer do his own sales :)

Well, 2013 has been a pretty exciting year in the development of Automation, and we’ve got a lot of aspects of the game working even better than we expected. 2014 should see a “Feature Complete” version of Automation, complete with Tycoon/Business aspects released, which we’re very much looking forward to releasing. :)

And now a bit of an update on what we’ve been working on lately. The focus of the past few months has been on car statistic simulation. Thanks to the excellent work of our Germans (Robert “Killrob” Hoischen, and vehicle dynamics guy Martin “Der Bayer” Herrmann) we’ve got some quite sophisticated simulations of various handling tests such as a constant circle G test, slalom and “Moose Test” all taking account of tyres, suspension and wheel alignment, roll centres, weight transfer and lots more.

Similar work has also been done for fuel economy simulation, braking, aerodynamics and even suspension comfort, with all these statistics being based on quite realistic simulations of the car’s behavior. Currently there are no animations or visual representations of the testing taking place, but the whole system is designed to be able to output to a visual test eventually, and we’d love to have graphical versions of as many tests as possible.

The next major update (to be released around mid January) should include most of the mechanical aspects of car design, with the main things still left to add being related to interior parts, luxury features, and getting all the technical stats put into more tangible characteristics to represent a car: sportiness, tameness, comfort, prestige and safety.

Anyhow, enjoy your New Years Celebrations :)

We’ve been a bit quiet on the news front lately as we’ve been hard at work on the Car Designer. We’ve made a lot of progress and you’re now able to install engines and gearboxes in cars, set gear ratios and run some very sophisticated acceleration calculations. We’ve also got 6 extra car bodies and a bunch of little cosmetic tweaks to make the car designer a bit nicer. Expect an update to be released in the next few weeks!

See below for a whole bunch of videos explaining what we’re working on by our producer Robert “Killrob” Hoischen.

GreenlitSo, this happened! Check out the full news post by Steam Greenlight at

Over the next few weeks/months we’ll be working on all the red tape (fun things like registering for a US tax number etc) and it looks like we should be able to get it up on Early Access so it can be bought similar to the way it is now (preordered, final game released as updates)

If you already own a copy bought from our website we’ll be looking into if we can offer a conversion over to a steam key (like Kerbal Space Program), meaning you could either choose to continue to use it the way you are, or have a steam version instead.

More news from us as we find out how this process works :)


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